The Psychology of Safe Driving: Mastering Driver Behaviour for Safer and More Confident Driving


The purpose of the Driver Behaviour module is to discuss how various personal factors and emotions can adversely affect driving capabilities.

Module Objectives:

The Driver Behaviour module's main objective is to teach students how to adjust driving behaviour based on the driving environment. Road conditions contribute to safe and responsible driving.

Learning Outcomes:

After successfully completing the module, students will acquire the following skills and knowledge:

  • Students will learn skills related to adjusting driving behaviour for different driving conditions
  • Students will learn various techniques on how to control their emotions
  • Students will learn how emotions relate to a driver's decision-making capabilities
  • Students will learn about the personal factors and their influence on driving behaviour
  • Students will learn about the social factors and their effect
  • Students will learn how to resist negative pressures and the impact of positive driving attitudes on all road-users
  • Students will learn about effective strategies to resist negative tension
  • Students will learn about the importance of decision-making, i.e. right decisions and the consequences of bad decision-making.
  • Students will learn how to recognize internal cues
  • Students will learn how the rules of the road, standard safe practices of road users and informed decision-making contribute to safe and responsible driving
  • Students will understand that driving is a privilege, not a right

Driver Behavior:

While driving, the driver's attitude significantly plays a role in the safety of other road users.

The driver's emotions significantly impact the driving style, and recognizing and dealing with feelings before driving is imperative. Being able to resist pressures from several external sources and learning how to be a courteous driver is also essential.


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