Driving with Respect and Responsibility: Why Ethics and Courtesy are Key to Safe and Fulfilling Driving


The purpose of the Respect and Responsibility module is to inform novice drivers on how to deal with emergencies such as accidents. Additionally, it will aid novice drivers by going through being safe and responsible drivers.

Module Objectives:

The Respect and Responsibility module's main objective is to teach students how to deal with emergencies, common vehicle malfunctions, and deal with law enforcement encounters. Another objective is to explain how leadership skills, safe practice and respect for all road-users contribute to safe and responsible driving.

Learning Outcomes:

After successfully completing this module, students will acquire the following skills and knowledge:

  • Students will learn the skills related to responding to emergencies
  • Students will learn the difference between minor and major accidents
  • Students will learn what to do in the case of an accident or collision
  • Students will learn about what to do if being stopped by a police officer
  • Students will learn about what to do when passing an emergency vehicle or being passed by an emergency vehicle
  • Students will learn about the types of vehicle malfunctions
  • Students will learn how to become a safe, respectful and responsible driver
  • Students will learn how to avoid conflict regardless of fault and avoid road rage
  • Students will learn about efficient driving behaviour and will become environmentally conscious
  • Students will learn about the factors that contribute to possible changes in driving skills and how to adapt.


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