Sharing the Road with Confidence and Courtesy: Essential Tips for Safe and Pleasant Driving


The Sharing the Road module aims to educate drivers on the importance of being cooperative and defensive drivers. The module also emphasizes the benefits of cooperative and courteous driving.

Module Objectives:

The Sharing the Road module's main objective is to teach students the importance of being a cooperative and defensive driver and how to make and recognize different manoeuvres. They are predictable and not random. The module will teach the drivers how to manage their space responsibly, communicate with other road-users effectively, and other aspects of driving safely and courteously.

Learning Outcomes:

After successfully completing this module, students will acquire the following skills and knowledge:

  • Students will learn the difference between cooperative and defensive driving
  • Students will learn the benefits of cooperative driving
  • Students will learn about space management
  • Students will learn how to share the road with other drivers
  • Students will learn how to predict and anticipate behaviours of other road-users
  • Students will learn the importance of communication with other road users and how it promotes safety
  • Students will learn about the habits and attitudes related to effective communication


Sharing the Road-Word Cloud