Mastering Vehicle Handling: Tips, Techniques, and Essential Skills for Confident and Safe Driving


The Vehicle Handling module discusses how the vehicle responds to various inputs/outputs by the driver and the road conditions. It will also shed some light on approaching and dealing with these situations and controlling the vehicle safely.

In this module, the vehicle operator will learn how to maintain control of the vehicle during various instances and make accurate decisions without fail. 

Module Objectives:

The Vehicle Handling module's main objective is to teach students how vehicle handling contributes to safe and responsible driving.

Learning Outcomes:

After successfully completing this module, students will acquire the following skills and knowledge:

  • Students will learn the skills related to controlling the vehicle safely and responsibly
  • Students will learn various techniques like visual tracking, adjust steering control and seating position
  • Students will learn how to start a vehicle and accelerate
  • Students will learn about speed control, deceleration, and braking under different driving conditions
  • Students will learn how to apply the parking brake and various parking techniques
  • Students will learn how to change direction safely, Right-of-way manoeuvres and different turns
  • Students will learn about Highway and Freeway driving
  • Students will learn about Urban and Ruler driving
  • Students will learn the concepts and role of traction and various techniques
  • Students will learn about the role of friction under different conditions
  • Students will learn about the basic evasive maneuvers and how to apply them to avoid collisions
  • Students will learn about the principles of skid control and slide control
  • Students will learn about using or avoiding specific driving techniques under given driving conditions


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