Know More About In-Class

"Drive Safe. Drive Responsibly. Drive Respectful." A straightforward statement to make, but accomplishing this becomes a tough task. But, with the right guidance, it is not a distant reality.

However, our proprietary in-class training methods paired with our expert instructors ensure that your dreams of acquiring a driving permit do indeed become a reality.

A fully equipped facility is the backbone of any driving school, and we at Driviology are no different. You are ensuring that we have and present to trainees the most up-to-date and most relevant training materials alongside necessary technology to make your theory classes a breeze to tackle.

Our courteous instructors specialize in every area of a student's training needs. With extra attention paid to nervous drivers to ensure every single student can confidently apply what they learn in real-life situations.

Rules and regulations of motorways are in constant flux; our professional instructors are always aware of all road associated laws. They will be sure to alert and educate you of any recent changes to regulations to ensure you ace your road test.

What you will learn in the driving classroom

  • The rules of the road as they apply to motorists and pedestrians alike
  • How to approach and drive safely on different types of roads and conditions
  • How to approach a range of adverse weather conditions safely and how to watch out for road users that require additional care- such as the elderly or disabled individuals.
  • How to decipher and react to typical road markings and traffic signs
  • How to deal with familiar road-related structures such as intersections and how to execute different manoeuvers
  • How to approach the theory test and how to remain calm and prepare
  • An overview of the practical driving test