Get Rewarded For Passing Your Driving Test

Safety is of utmost priority at Driviology, and every parent wishes that their teens should drive safely, and this is our initiative for young drivers, which we believe will surely help to tackle driving problems and increase awareness about safe driving.

We encourage our students to drive safely by introducing this Reward-Scheme. Driving is more challenging nowadays; thus, we accommodate our young drivers by offering them additional driving lessons from our instructor if needed.

To cut down lousy driving and road accidents, getting quality driving lessons in the beginner stage is very important. And getting it from Driviology experts is equally essential. We have received positive feedback for our Reward Scheme. The number of students passing out in the first attempt with zero faults has increased, and this is how we have contributed our bit to society by producing good drivers and who, in turn, make the streets safer for driving.

Driviology Driving School rewards for safe driving in Canada and offer many ways to earn Rewards Points.

Earn Rewards:
You can earn rewards by taking one or many actions:

  • Enroll in BDE (Beginner Driver Education) Course
  • Hire our Services for taking a Drive Test
  • Take hourly practice sessions with us

Safe Driving Reward

  • PASS exam in 1st attempt with 0 faults and receive a reward of $50.
  • Enroll for ‘UNLIMITED’ package, PASS exam in 1st attempt with 0 faults and receive a juicy reward of $100.

Refer-A-Friend Rewards

  • Referral a Friend and earn up to $50 in Rewards

Redeem Your Rewards:
You can redeem the rewards you have earned in multiple ways:

  • Buy from your Merchandizing Catalog
  • Pay for your Driving Course
  • Send your rewards as a gift to your family or friends
*Terms and conditions apply.