Why Driving School

Why Driving School

Taking a driving course from a reputable driving school before you get your G2 can help you make a safe and better driver. The knowledge you gain during this educational process will help you understand traffic laws and rules and techniques you may require to handle various driving conditions.

Taking a driving course can help you boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable while operating a vehicle. BDE Driving course may help you minimize any collisions or accidents. We highly recommend young drivers to take proper driving lessons before start driving, as this could be a life long learning experience and can help to make our roads much safer.

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Why DRIVIOLOGY Driving School

Rewards Program (Earn up to $50 in Rewards and Redeem)

DRIVIOLOGY Driving School offers very Sophisticated Rewards Program. You can earn Rewards by taking the following actions:

  • Enroll in BDE Course
  • Take In-Car Lessons
  • Use our Car for Driving Test
  • Referral a Friend
  • Send a Pre-Loaded Rewards to your family and friends
Savings on Car Insurance

Our students qualify for a discounted insurance upon completing the driving course and availing their MTO discount certificate for car insurance from Driviology. For beginners, this is the perfect way to lower your premiums.

Driving Success

Our students have a high success rate in passing their driving test. We achieve this by creating a safe and friendly environment for our students so that they learn better and faster.

In-Car instruction

In-Car instructions include basic maneuvers, advanced maneuvers & highway driving. Defensive driving techniques for students will be assessed by the instructor to make sure that they can safely operate a vehicle.

Experienced instructors

DRIVIOLOGY only hires experienced driving instructors. Our top priority is safety and our student’s well-being. Our qualified instructors are all dedicated & well-educated and will nurture even the most nervous students to reach their full driving potential!

BDE course provider

DRIVIOLOGY Driving School provides MTO (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario) approved BDE(Beginner Driver Education) course. We offer both formats of theory portion of the BDE course, i.e. In-Class and self-pace Digital (Online) Course.

Providing Driving Lessons in Newmarket

Driviology Smart Driving School provides In-Car Driving Lessons in Newmarket, Toronto, Barrie and Aurora and nearby areas. If you need for road Test feel free to contact us at 416-995-6242 or fill out this form