Understanding the Privilege of Driving: Exploring the Debate between Right and Responsibility

Driving is a salient activity of daily living, for several millions of people worldwide, if not billions and so is completely justified.

Being able to drive and possess a driving permit along-side is a truly great privilege. A privilege that enables you access to unlimited freedom and mobility. However, with this privilege comes a host of responsibilities on a drivers shoulders. Not only a responsibility to ensure safety of yourself but also of other road users; further you are indebted a responsibility to drive legally by obeying traffic rules and respecting the rights of other drivers, to be fully aware of your surroundings and to be focused on the road and nothing else.

Indeed, driving can be extremely dangerous. Even a slight mistake or over-look can result in life threatening injuries or even death. Hence it must be of utmost priority for any driver to recognize and follow safe driving techniques and procedures. Practicing safe driving not only reduced instances of loss of life but also ultimately helps prevent raking up hefty fines and enables you to be a better community member by looking out for other community members.

While possessing a driving permit is a privilege it must be understood that driving is in fact a skill. A skill that is taught down from generation to generation. These skills are in no way to be over looked, varying from physical to mental skills and ranging from the proper hand placement and seating positions, correctly changing gears and acceleration and deceleration control all the way to being mentally aware in order to recognize and understand road signs and react to emergency situations. All these skills and many more are differentiating factors between just a ‘driver’ and a ‘safe driver’.

With all the dangers that driving poses, it is necessary that all drivers are subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which her or she resides in. while these rules vary between states and countries, they all have one main goal and that is simply to ensure safety.

Now, one is left to wonder. How can I acquire these skills and how can I learn the rules of the roads around me?

Well, look no further than Driviology driving school. An extremely well credited school that has been in the business for 5 long years. Equipped with the latest facilities and some of the most experienced instructors in the Ontario region, Driviology is the best place to learn your driving skills and build your confidence to eventually earn your driving permit.

Our instructors, known for their patience, confidence and strong knowledge each have undergone training in order to specialize in every area of an individual students personal needs. With extra attention paid to nervous drivers to ensure every single student is able to confidently apply what they learn in real life situations.

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